What words & phrases you use to hypnotize someone

November 2, 2010
Alright so I am going to begin with the words used to hypnotize someone and the key things you should know, after this I will move onto the phrases. I will use examples that I have personally used and gotten success from so that it is easier for you to understand. Please keep in mind that this takes practice and the professionals can use these techniques so subtly you would never notice... until now.

Hypnotic Words
Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to talk to someone and you are having trouble explaining or getting your point across? You know what you want the other person to think (or understand) but you just can't seem to use the right words. For me this was an issue when it came to my gymnastics coaching because it is absolutely essential that my students understand what I am saying otherwise their lives can be in danger, most of the time a teenager will not fully listen to you which I am sure most people can relate to ha ha.

So thanks to the hypnotist Milton Erickson conversational hypnosis was created and it uses words and phrases that speak directly to the subconscious mind without conscious awareness. This is a neuro-psychological model that is linked with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is about using specific words to relax your subject and deepen a hypnotic trance. The key is to manipulate your tone and enunciation of specific words to change a suggestion into a command for example with myself I was trying to tell my student to push through his shoulders to make his handstand shape better.

I used to say, "if you could push through your shoulders it should make it better."

By modifying this a bit I now say, "you need to push through your shoulders and it will be better." 

Can you see how modifying these words and putting emphasis on them makes such a difference? Obviously my tone changed as well as my body language.

Lets look at tone
Your tone can give a certain message to your subconscious that your conscious mind is unaware of and this also links with pauses and spacing between your words. Very often when your confidence is low or you are lying your tone of voice changes as well as the speed in which you are talking and you are consciously unaware of this. However your subconscious remembers this and when someone is lying to you your subconscious can pick up the tone and change in speed of speech therefore you put your guard up or getting a "feeling" about this person. The key is to be able to master these tones to manipulate their subconscious.

Hypnotic Phrases
Now looking at what I have spoken about lets see how it relates to the words and phrases that I use on my students in order to place hypnotic trances on them.

The best example I can give is before competition and it is 1 month before the day and I need to get it in their heads that they need to do their routines over and over (which is really boring for them) for the next 3 weeks. So this is essentially the phrases (script) I use: the bold text is when I enunciate the word or phrase. I should mention that I usually make the bold words short and staccato like, however sometime I will draw the word out to put focus on it depending on the rhythm of my speech.

"boys exciting time ahead isn't it"
pause for 2-3 seconds, enough time for them to begin to answer yes but before they can I continue

"2 options for you"
pause for 2-3 seconds, to have them wanting to know what the "exciting options" are

"option 1"
pause for half a second

"you can work on your easy skills, do basic routines, then have some time to stuff around, but"
pause for half a second

"you will not win anything at competition"
pause for 1-2 seconds

"option 2"
pause for 2 seconds, they now want to hear option 2, their subconscious is willing them to pay full attention to option 2 because option 1 offered nothing to them.

"you smash up (positive Australian slang) your routines, include your awesome skills, have some chill time at the end and"
pause for half a second

"you will get great results"

This works every time! Sometimes I have to reaffirm this in their subconscious but I have got it to a point where all I need to do is shout "boys, option 1 or 2? Without thinking they reply option 2 and the hard work continues.

So as you can see I started with a script that I practiced before I used it on my students, then I put it into practice and it had varied results in the beginning. After this I started working on my tone and enunciation and then the results started really happening. I now use it everyday when coaching and have started seeing my students beginning to unconsciously use the same techniques on their young students when they coach.

How to hypnotize someone with phrases

November 2, 2010
If you read the previous post then you are aware of the importance of word enunciation, tone, pauses and spacing of words when using hypnotic phrases. Now I am going to go further into using phrases to hypnotize someone and the main point I will hinge on today is how to capture someones attention almost instantly with certain Capture phrases. These phrases focus on putting your subject in a position of limelight, perceived power and trust.

This is used when you want someones immediate complet...
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Hypnotize someone with lyrics

November 2, 2010
Now this is something that many directors and writers of commercials and movies use to influence us and I will give you a very simple example. There are many commercials that focus on using a song to push their message across and create lyrics that tend to stick in your head. I know in Australia the Sa-Ka-Ta (rice crackers) campaign was very successful and let me run through what they did. There was the letters Sa Ka Ta on the screen and as the song was sung a rice cracker would hit each lett...
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Rapidly Hypnotize someone

November 2, 2010
If you have read the posts on hypnosis words and phrases then you should understand the basics of how to rapidly hypnotize someone. It is all about mastering the following techniques:

  • focusing on specific hypnotic words by enunciating, pauses, tone, and flow of speech
  • Capture phrases and assumptive closing
  •  body language
  • Most importantly immediate hypnotic induction

Immediate hypnotic induction

This is when we want to get our subjects undivided attention both conscious and subconscious. If you can...
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